The Unicycle Factory's Silly Unicycles

Tom Miller (765) 452 - 2692

Solderless Giraffe, made from plumming parts
Solderless Uni Solderless mid view
Solderless top view Solderless bottom view
(a little rusty as it was done years ago)

3 Eight Foot Unicycles
Three 8 foot Unicycles being ridden

Eight Foot Unicycles with Tom
Three 8 foot Unicycles with Tom

Eight Foot Unicycle
A 8 foot Unicycle on stand

Eight Foot Unicycle
A 8 foot Unicycle with stripe

Eight Foot Unicycle Bucking Horse Unicycle Wheel Barrow Unicycle

8 foot Unicycle (with tennis shoes)
Off-Center Unicycle with Horse
Wheel Barrow Unicycle

20" Uni-Bike (2 wheels side by side, A.K.A. dicycle)

12" Mini Wheel Unicycle (Cost Breakdown)

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Last Revised: 16 October 2021