The Unicycle Factory's Tall Giraffes

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A crooked giraffe ridden by Wesley Williams and created by Tom Miller..


The 4 wheel giraffe ridden by Wesley Williams

4 wheels

A new take apart 4 wheel giraffe, chain driven (where extra wheels are for show). 6.5 footer with longest part 37.25 inches.

4 wheel front

4 wheel side

4 wheel front close-up

4 wheel side close-up

A recent 15 footer was built and is currently available. This can be separated into five 3 foot sections. Currently it is unpainted, so can be a color of your choice. This can also be a 12 footer.

take apart 10ft up

take apart 10ft down

10ft apart 3 part frame

10ft apart 4 part frame

Recent 10 footers built... another available for "immediate" delivery

22 footer for Chaz

Short to Tall Giraffe Unicycles

What's this?

What do you call it?

Giraffe Unicycles come in sizes from 4.5 foot to 12 foot tall, custom sizing on request (including Chaz's unicycle above at 22 feet). Painted blue frame and 20" wheel. Other custom work could include Chrome frame, Custom color, Chrome chain, take-apart Top, etc. The 5.5 foot is by far the most requested Unicycle so its price will reflect lower due to higher volume. 7 foot tall Unicycles and higher have steps to help in mounting. All Giraffes have welded sprockets, 5.5" cranks, and old style Schwinn Unicycle seats. (Cost Breakdown)
Other custom work, call for price:

Multiwheel Unicycles

12", 16", or 20" Double Wheel Unicycle
12" or 16" Triple Wheel Unicycle
12" Penta (5) Wheel Unicycle

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Last Revised: 30 December 2020