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15" Ultimate Wheel 2019

15" Ultimate Wheel with lots of crank size choices
choose crank size

Lighten and remove sizes that are not needed
ultimate wheel route

Routed ultimate wheel
route_ultimate wheel

49" Ultimate Wheel 2019

49" Ultimate Wheel hub
46" UW prototype and 49" UW
46 prototype and 49 UW

49" UW
49 UW

48" Ultimate Wheel 11-17-2014

48" Ultimate Wheel hub
48 UW custom hub

48" Ultimate Wheel
48 UW

46" Ultimate Wheel 6-14-2011

46" Ultimate Wheel with 45" Unicycle
46 and 45

46" Ultimate Wheel close up
another view

46" Ultimate Wheel hub

Low profile cranks!

UW being ridden

Ultimate Wheels

24" Ultimate Wheel Unicycle (see also Do It Yourself Kits) (Cost Breakdown)

Ultimate Wheel Repair (still holding up years later)

Broken Ultimate Wheel Broken Spoke Close-up Welded Spoke
Most repair work can also be done (example of an ultimate wheel).

Lunicycle Repair 5-18-2018

Here is another example of a fix, here I broke the plastic part of Lunicycle due to over use.

Cuts for support braces
Cuts for support braces

Custom bolts to mount the braces
Custom bolts for braces

Rough fitting of braces and repair of plastic
Rough fitting of braces

Fixed Lunicycle (the spikes in pedals are screws I added to keep my feet from sliding off)

20" Impossible Wheel Unicycle (also known as a B.C. Wheel) (Cost Breakdown)

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