The Unicycle Factory's Further Challenges

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NewPentagonal Hub Unicycle Circa 2022
Making the new hub
The black hub is the original hub.

Start of Pentagonal Hub Finished Pentagonal Hub
Pentagon fits tighter than the original.

Pentagonal Hub Installed Curling the Frame
Special tooling to curl the steel around posts.

Drilling Frame Rustic Unicycle Finished
Rustic look was asked for. Seat, pedals and cranks to be supplied.

Closeup of Finished Unicycle

7 foot Crab Cycle Circa 2020
New Crab Cycle Assortment New Crab Cycle Raw New Crab Cycle Shiny New Crab Cycle Adjust New Crab Cycle Attachment New Crab Cycle Box New Crab Cycle Crutches New Crab Cycle Long View New Crab Cycle Parts New Crab Cycle Short New Crab Cycle Star New Crab Cycle Tall New Crab Cycle Wheel

Learning vehicle for Crab cycle
2 Wheel Crab Cycle Crab Cycle
Crab Cycle (see also Cost Breakdown). Making and Riding the Crab Cycle
See the Making and Riding the Coasting Unicycle
See the Making and Riding the Un-Cycle (Back Pedaler)

Bike Fork Uni from July 1996
closeup of fork fork
Fork supplied by customer, with no damage to original fork.

Convertible Triple-Double Wheel
No tools required to change from Triple to Double to Single wheel made in Dec 1991.

An adjustable Scissor Unicycle

TUF Prototype of Walking Thing
TUF Walking Thing Prototype

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