The Unicycle Factory's 12" Mini Wheel Unicycle

Tom Miller (765) 452 - 2692

12" Mini Wheel Zephyr Unicycle (made from 16" Zephyr)

12 Inch Mini Wheel Zephyr Unicycle
Short leg reach, 17.5" frame, can be cut shorter. As a way of lowering cost for the 3-5 year old new unicyclist, I have taken 20 16" Zephyr Unicycles and converted them down to 12" wheels, I've shortened the frame, changed to 3.5" cranks, & small juvenile pedals, so at $160 this is better than my hand made unicycles at $275. (Also fits adults). (Note: After this last remaining inventory of cycles (<= 8) are sold, I do not feel that I will be able to find another cycle that will allow to be converted so easily. The newest current cycles are made in China and are cheaper.) $160

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Last Revised: 29 December 2006