The Unicycle Factory's Big Wheels

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Small to Big Wheel Unicycles
3" Mini-wheel Giraffe
8" Mini-wheel Giraffe
12" Mini-wheel Giraffe
28" Air Inflated Big Wheel
35" & 40" Big Wheels

The creation of extenders, when extra tall frame is short 4 inches

From raw aluminum slab.
extend raw extend slotted
To beautiful extenders.
extend drill extend rounded extend whole

Big Wheel repair

Ample overlap as rubber naturally shrinks over time.

push wire
High gauge wire pushed into black tire.

The apparatus.

stretch spread for solder
Special setup to get wire taught.

Flux added to solder.

21 lbs
21 lbs. of heavenly joy.

home again
Home again and ready to ride.

Older red tire, now worn out

43 inch43 inch closeup
43 inch Semcycle with new tire from the unicycle factory

56 inch40 and 56 inch
Chaz's 40" and 56" big wheels made here at the factory

Big Wheels7 foot Big Wheels
Giant Wheels used in Cirque Du Soleil

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Last Revised: 23 October 2023