Scissor Unicycle

Tom Miller (765) 452 - 2692

The Unicycle that grows from around 1989/1990

Tom (with hand on jack), Sem, and Scissor Uni Tom, Sem, and Wayne Nanis

Tom, Sem, and Wayne Tom, Sem, and Wayne

Hydraulic Jack and idea by Sem Abrams, Scissor action frame concept suggested by Tom. All other components and ideas a colabrative effort by Tom, Sem and a few others who worked on it at the Unicycle Factory. 4 loops of chain, 14 roller bearings, 65 pounds. Can be raised while riding and gently released to descend.

Tom, Sem, and Scissor Uni Sem and Scissor Uni

Grows from 5 to 8 feet

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Last Revised: 10 March 2012