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Some programs that I maintain

All include C or Java (some for Android) and now some in JavaScript which are covered by a BSD copyright. All Java programs (now Java 8) can be run as an applet or copied and run as an application. I figure I wrote about 95% of the non xlock stuff (though I did build upon some great ideas).
xlock xlock Lockscreens for X & Windows
Abacus (different historical Abaci) New JavaScript version
cubes triangles hexagons
mlink barrel panex
mball pyraminx oct
rubik skewb dino Puzzles
New JavaScript version for Cubes, Triangles, Hexagons, and Panex

ant2d Game of Life, Ant, and Loop
threed Simple 3D GraphicsNew JavaScript
tetris tertris
hextris welltris Tetris Games
New JavaScript version for Tetris, Tertris, Hextris, and Welltris

Unicycling (place mouse on icons or link)

Types of Cycles (mouse over to move)
Coasting Making and Riding the Coasting Unicycle
Un-Cycle Making and Riding the Un-Cycle (Back Pedaler)
Go West Crab Cycle Making and Riding a Crab Cycle (Go West)
Go East Crab Cycle Crab Cycle (Go East)
Making and Riding an Ultimate Wheel
Reverse Steering Bicycle Reverse Steering Bicycle
Custom wheels built (or repaired) by the Tom Miller of the The Unicycle Factory.
Latest toy (circa 2017) from Tom Miller is a coasting unicycle. Hard and scary, still just learning riding uphill on it. Previous toy (circa 2015) is an adjustable reverse steering handle bar attachment. Attached just fine to my old bike. Learning to ride a bike all over again.

NY Unicycle First Sunday, Third Saturday, a good chance I will be there with my toys.
LBI Unithon
Unicycling Pictures
Canal Riding: I unicycled the tow path of the Delaware-Raritan Canal and on the PA side the Delaware Canal in November 2010 and Morris Canal in September 2012.
Liberty Water Gap Trail: I unicycled from the Liberty Science Center to the end of the Delaware Water Gap. (June 2010).
Highlands Trail: completed on unicycle from PA to Hudson River (also did most spur trails except Appalachian Trail ;) ) (October 2013).
Long Path: Road whole southern section including Orange county NY (July 2015).
High Point to Cape May Bike Route: (Completed April 2018).
Unicycled north on Long Path and SRT to where they fork at Sam's Point (Completed Sept 2018).
Unicycling around High Point NJ, Saturday or Sunday, drop me an e-mail if interested in joining.
I use a 24" Kris Holm Muni (usually), Coker, Schlumpf unicycle, or 43" Semcycle, depending on terrain.
Equipment supplied by The Unicycle Factory, Semcycle, and Dubé.
For further info look at, and

About Myself

Hobbies: Puzzles, Cellular Automata & Hiking ADK
Favorite Music: Blues on the Run, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, & Tom Waits
Pictures: Old pictures of me and my kids
Charity: If you like any software on this site, please consider giving a healthy donation to your favorite environmental organization or great stuff like wikipedia. Also get your computer to use its spare CPU cycles to solve problems, I like BOINC.
Religion: Still an Atheist after reading the Book of Mormon, and translations of the 2 Testaments, the Koran and the Gita.
Other: I am a vegetarian (I love animals), married, and have 2 daughters.

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