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JavaScript Cubes, Triangles, Hexagons, and Panex

Configurations JS
Panex, Algorithme, Hanoi
Let me know of any problems here. I am still looking at adding more stuff to these. The Java below has more features, but your browser will no doubt complain of security issues ... sigh.

New For Cubes, Triangles, and Hexagons, its done when you get them in order (left to right and then up and down) and blank space(s) on bottom and on right hand side. If its not too big and you have a good solution, mail me the results of a "Put Cookie" (i.e. a save) and "Write Cookie" (subject "Cubes", "Triangles", or "Hexagons"). I will try to compile some list.

See project notes for todo list and history.

Android Panex

App Source Code Executable
Panex.zip Panex.apk

Panex, Algorithme, and Hanoi puzzles are contained in this zip. Unzip somewhere and then put in Eclipse like File->Project->Android Project from Existing Code. Then build, install, and run as usual. Any trouble building and getting on your Android, let me know so I can make fixes or better instructions.

See project notes for todo list and history.

Java Puzzles

Click on one of the puzzles below to run Java program (need Java 8 JVM) written mostly by David Bagley. The X Manual Pages are written for the X versions but may be useful to understanding the Java programs. You can download the jar file (preserve the extension), and then it can be run as an application by prefixing the jar file name with "java -jar ".

Sliding Puzzles

Applet Source Code X Manual Page Jar File
Cubes cubes.zip xcubes CubesApp.jar
Triangles triangles.zip xtriangles TrianglesApp.jar
Hexagons hexagons.zip xhexagons HexagonsApp.jar
Mlink mlink.zip xmlink MlinkApp.jar
Barrel barrel.zip xbarrel BarrelApp.jar
Panex panex.zip xpanex PanexApp.jar

For Cubes, Mlink, and Barrel go to menu and click on "Number" (a toggle), if you prefer looking at a mandrill. The barrel puzzle now has an auto-solve too.

Try the Panex puzzle with the "Algorithme" mode (for constant height tiles). Algorithme mode now has the general minimum move solution auto-solve working.

Also try Cubes, Triangles, and Hexagons. If you beat the score on these puzzles, write out using "w", and send the data (cookie or file) to me. I started a list (see "Triangles stuff and Hexagons stuff" below). These puzzles and Panex have preset starting positions, the rest have random starting positions.

Try the auto-solve for skewb, dino, and mball (masterball). Now all puzzles have some sort of auto-solve except triangles and hexagons. mball can simulate and solve the Saturn Puzzle (8 wedges and 1 band) and an oriented Masterball (i.e. numbers on them). Included is a way of swapping only 2 segments, which is done in 31 moves on an oriented Masterball. The Hockey Puck puzzle (12 wedges and 1 band but with no center disk) can also be simulated, where the auto-solve has been updated to work here as well. mball recently updated to auto-solve for wedges <= 8 _or_ 1 band.

Some of these puzzles are very difficult. Here is a list in order of complexity:
Hexagons (corners unselected) (about Kindergarten level)
Panex (Tower of Hanoi option) (about 3rd grade level)
Panex (Algorithme option)
Panex (Panex option)
Hexagons (corners selected)

Rotational Puzzles

Applet Source Code X Manual Page Jar File
Mball mball.zip xmball MballApp.jar
Pyraminx pyraminx.zip xpyraminx PyraminxApp.jar
Oct oct.zip xoct OctApp.jar
Rubik rubik.zip xrubik RubikApp.jar
Skewb skewb.zip xskewb SkewbApp.jar
Dino dino.zip xdino DinoApp.jar

Cookies are used for keeping track of score and current position. The delay for loading scores is intentional because if done at initialization, javascript seems to cause certain browsers to deadlock or crash.

See project notes for todo list and history. Please let me know if I left out anything.

X Puzzles (and Windows too)

Manuals for xpuzzles, see tables above.
See xpuzzles.README and xpuzzles.lsm.

C/C++ Source Code for X and Windows (xpuzzles 8.2.0, xz'd files)
xpuzzles at sillycycle.com (http)
xpuzzles at ibiblio.org

C/C++ Source Code and Binary for Windows (wpuzzles zip'd file, same source as above compiled with MinGW).
wpuzzles (Windows puzzles)


Cubes stuff

Original X11 "puzzle" (I did not write this) with some minor bug fixes

Triangles stuff

solution description
22 move solution size 3
68 move solution size 4

Hexagons stuff

solution description
251 move solution size 3x3

Panex stuff

Breadth First Search Program for Panex Puzzle 1-9 circa 25 Oct 2008 (updated from 15 Nov 2004)
Breadth First Search Program for Algorithme Puzzle 1-9 tiles of constant height circa 25 Oct 2008

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