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JavaScript Tetri
Android Tetris and Welltris
Java Tetri
X Tetri (and Windows too)

JavaScript Tetri

Configurations JS
Tetris Tetris
Tertris Tertris
Hextris Hextris
Welltris Welltris
Tetris/Tertris/Hextris/Welltris should be mostly playable now, even on those portable devices. In Tetris and Welltris: for units > 4 use reflection key (home key for one); for units < 3 (with diagonals) rotation key is turned off.

Let me know of any problems here. I am still looking at adding more stuff to these. The Java below has more features, but can no longer run in your browser ... sigh.
A mixed mode should be added.

See project notes for todo list and history.

Android Tetris and Welltris

App Source Code Executable
tetris Tetris.apk
welltris Welltris.apk

Unzip somewhere and then put in Eclipse like File->Project->Android Project from Existing Code. Then build, install, and run as usual. Any trouble building and getting on your Android, let me know so I can make fixes or better instructions.

See project notes for todo list and history.

Java Tetri

Click on one of the games below to run Java program (need Java 8 JVM) written mostly by David Bagley. A few updates recently on getting the look better including a frame around field. The X Manual Pages are written for the X versions but may be useful to understanding the Java programs. You can download the jar file (preserve the extension), and then it can be run as an application by prefixing the jar file name with "java -jar ". (The puzzles used to be able to run as applets but browsers and Oracle have dropped support.)

App Source Code X Manual Page Jar File
Tetris tetris
Tertris tertris
Hextris hextris
Welltris welltris

See project notes for todo list and history. Please let me know if I left out anything.

X Tetri (and Windows too)

Manuals for altris, see table above.
See altris.README and altris.lsm.

C/C++ Source Code for X and Windows (altris 8.2.1, xz'd files)
altris at (http)
altris at

C/C++ Source Code and Binary for Windows (waltris zip'd file, same source as above compiled with MinGW).
waltris (Windows altris)


The background icon is not random... its was found with the help of Stephen Montgomery-Smith's polyomino search program. There are 2 sets of all the seven quadrominos in an 8 by 8 square where the holes are in an 8 queens arrangement. Except for the square quadromino, all quadrominos are in a different orientation and not touching a similar quadromino, even if tiled. Also the holes do not touch each other diagonally, if tiled. The intent is to show the worst game, where each line is almost filled.
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