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Semcycle Old Schwinn Style Seat
Old Style SCHWINN seat from Semcycle
Steel base, Heavy Duty vinyl cover, foam pad, Schwinn 4 bolt mount with hardware. $45
Replacement foam pad $10
Replacement Covers
Regular 9 ounce (Black, White, Pink, Tan) $10
Heavy Duty 12 ounce (Black) $20

Viscount Schwinn Style Seat
New Style SCHWINN seat from Viscount
Steel base, foam pat an cover molded to base, Front and Rear End Caps, Schwinn 4 bolt mount with hardware. Black - $30, Blue - $40, Red - $50
Replacement End Caps $5 for set

Imitation Schwinn Style Seat
SCHWINN "Type" Imitation Steel Base Seat Cover-padding is molded to steel base. Black. This seat is a little bit smaller that the Schwinn Seat. Schwinn 4 bolt mount with nuts. $14

Miyata Seat
New Style MIYATA Unicycle Seat with front handle Green and white, vinyl Naugahyde cover with 7" post $45

Messenger Seat
Messenger Unicycle Seat (Red or Blue) $35
Messenger Red replacement cover & pad $9

Viscount Old Style Seat
Viscount Unicycle Seat Black Vinyl cover an bumper rail, 7/8" clamp. $20

Sheepskin Seat Cover
Real Sheepskin Seat Cover (Real Wool) adds more comfort to your Unicycle seat by increasing the bulk of the seat, more cushion, and breath-ability. Beware of imitation fake fur, it doesn't hold up as well. Covers most seats, (old and new Schwinn, Old Miyata, etc. New Miyata may have to remove front end cap). May have to be tied or refitted to fit others. $30

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