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Schwinn Style Seat Posts
Now require custom work. Can now be about $100 (3 hours labor plus parts plus chrome plating).
Schwinn Style 13/16" Seat Posts new extra tilt top plate Chrome plating as is
13/16" x 7" with holes, no buffing
13/16" x 9" with holes, no buffing
13/16" x 17" with holes, no buffing
13/16" x 14" with holes, chrome
13/16" x 14" with no holes, chrome
13/16" x 17" with holes chrome
13/16" x 19" with no holes, chrome
13/16" x 19" with holes, chrome
13/16" x 24" chrome plated
Buffed & chrome plated extra

Schwinn Style Seat Posts With Holes
Semcycle 7/8" Chrome plated Seat Posts All posts come with holes
200mm (8") Seat post $16
300mm (12") Seat post $18
400mm (16") Seat post $20

Miyata Seat Posts
Miyata Seat post (old style obsolete) 7/8" x 7" Original Special Modified Heavy duty, extra tall custom posts on request.

7/8 Inch Seat Post
7/8" Width Seat Posts Used to convert OTHER brand Unicycles to Schwinn style seat. Chrome, 1" seat post on request
8" $10
12" $10
16" $14
20" $? (Call)

Seat Post Extension
Seat Post Extension with Bolt Adds 5.5" more height to your seat. Fits 7/8" Seat Post systems. Chrome plated. $20

Seat Post & Nut
Seat Post Bolt & Nut 5/16" x 1.5" Cadmium plated $1 each

Allan Wrench Seat Post Bolt
Allan wrench seat bolt this light weight bolt gives an almost flush mount for a clean neat look. There are no protruding nuts to grab ahold of when manipulating your Unicycle. 5/16" (8mm) Chrome Plated. $2.50 each

Seat Post Clamp
Seat Post Clamp Heavy duty, extra thick, with bolt. Chrome Plated fits 1" Diameter tubing. Heavy Duty - $6, Regular Duty $2 Other sizes and styles available on request

Quick Release Seat Post Binder Bolt
Quick Release Seat Binder Bolt with rubber covered handle This Quick Release lever, when installed, allows the Unicyclist to raise, lower or even remove the seat without the need for hand tools. Very convenient when sharing your unicycle with friends who have legs twice as long as yours. Styles may change from time to time. Chrome plated with 5/16" (8mm) bolt. $9

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