Ultimate Wheel Instructions

Tom Miller (765) 452 - 2692

Ultimate Wheel completed

Parts Needed

Ultimate Wheel Insert
Nails (included with Insert)
3/4" plywood
Bicycle rim
1/2" petals (rat traps suggested)
Rim strip
Tire (smooth sidewall suggested)

Tools Needed

Jig or keyhole saw
3/4" wood chisel
Nail set
Adjustable wrench

Quality of finished product will depend on the construction of wheel. Caution is advised when riding the Ultimate Wheel as on all unicycles.


1. Select rim size (24" or larger is recommended)

2. Carefully measure the inside diameter (I.D.) of rim at several different points as the rim may not be perfectly round.

3. Draw circle on the plywood the same diameter as the largest I.D. measurement.

4. Cut out circle with saw and shape to fit inside the rim. A snug fit is better than loose. Mark position of valve hole on wood.

5. Remove circle from rim and place Ultimate Wheel Insert in the center of plywood. Measure carefully.

6. Trace the outline of the main body of Insert.

7. Drill hole in center of outline for saw blade and cut out for Insert.

8. Place Insert through hole and trace outline for crosspieces. One per side.

9. Remove Insert and with wood chisel cut crosspiece outline to a depth of 1/8". Remove wood to the same depth so crosspiece sits flush with side of plywood.

10. Re-install Insert and drill mounting holes using crosspiece holes as guides. (Optional- countersink bolt holes opposite crosspieces so washer and nut won't protrude from side of wheel to snag leg.)

11. Cut notch for valve hole.

12. Remove insert and sand both sides of plywood.

13. Bolt Insert in place. Place wheel on solid surface and pound the heads of carriage bolts to seat shoulder into crosspiece. Now tighten nuts until wood begins to creak.

14. Remove excess bolt by cutting or break off excess using short back and forth strokes. Peen end off bolt to smooth sharp ends and to prevent nuts from backing off.

15. Place plywood in rim (line up valve hole and notch and hammer a nail through each spoke hole. Use nail set to drive nails in.

16. Install rim strip, tube, and tire.

17. Install pedals. Careful to put the right pedal in the hole marked "R".

Ultimate Wheel Insert Diagram and Complete Ultimate Wheel Cost Breakdown

Happy Riding

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Pardon this hook: David Bagley's experiences with building an ultimate wheel.
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