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Coker Tricycle

Aug 2011 Big Coker Tricycle
Coker Tricycle

Fully assembled
Coker Tricycle

Tricycle with Umbrella Stand

Tricycle with Umbrella
Apr 1995 Tricycle

Heavy Duty Adult Clowning or Racing Tricycles from around the `80s

Riding a Tricycle Lots of Tricycles
These Tricycles were originally built for High School and College Fraternity Racing. But it was soon found that these Tricycles were so fun to ride and so comical hat they must be more suited for Clowning or for the hidden child in every adult. Perfect for Parties and Parades. These Tricycles are so well built that they can easily carry 5 High School Seniors. Built with common Bicycle parts, "IF" you were to run over them with a truck, you could have the parts easily replaced at your local Bike store. Even the Tires could be picked up at most discount stores. All 3 Wheels (20" front, 16" rear) are Air Inflated, use adjustable spokes, and use roller bearings. Also for comfort, High Rise handlebars and a long Banana seat are used. The color is Blue and the weight is 37 pounds. Custom colors and accessories (basket, bells, horns, trailer-wagon hitch, etc.) can be added for additional charges. Can be shipped via. UPS with some re-assemble. Fully assembled and test ridden before delivery.
5 on 3

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