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2711 North Apperson Way
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To order call: (765) 452-2692

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On the following pages are some of the cycles we handle at the Unicycle Factory, please contact us if you are looking for something else as we can probably build what you are looking for. There are many examples of custom built unicycles to choose from.

Customers ordering Cycles or parts will receive a catalog with their first order. Additional request for information or specific questions should be handled VIA phone for there is little time for written correspondence, plus a verbal response will get you more complete information.

Here at the Unicycle Factory our purpose is to provide quality unicycles, strange bicycles, custom orders and parts to fellow enthusiasts alike. All cycles are fully assembled and test ridden before shipment.

Past projects are numerous they include super light titanium unicycle, heavy wagon ultimate wheel, tall giraffes, short giraffes, double wheel, triple wheel, dicycles, crab cycle, and the latest, the un-cycle (a backpedaling one wheel unicycle).

Note: Prices and availability are subject to change. Shipping is not included in prices.

David Bagley maintains this page for the Unicycle community (not for discounts at the Factory).

Acme cartoon from "Hot Rod & Reel" - Jones/1959

Tom Miller knows pretty much everything about unicycling that someone purchasing a unicycle would need to know. He's been riding unicycles "Continuously" for 34 years. He is also a great unicycle resource, support him. He has special tools and machines and years of experience in building special high quality unicycles (850 unicycles since 1975) used by performers and fellow enthusiasts alike. His unicycles have ben seen on H.B.O., Showtime, Northern Exposure, Statler Brothers, Reading Rainbow, Mickey Mouse Club, Across Indiana, David Letterman, ZOOM!, Americas Funniest Videos, Bravo's Veraki, Cirque Du Solie, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Ava's Magical Adventure, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, and also used by the King Charles Troupe.

If anyone wants to improve upon this web page, please e-mail David Bagley

TO PLACE AN ORDER (DO NOT E-MAIL), or if you have any questions about content, CALL Tom Miller (765) 452-2692. Tommmi prefers direct person to person calls through the house phone, but if you must, here is a cell number that you can text your request to (765) 438 1410. (He is not on-line and does not have the time for snail mail).

I will try to keep the prices and availability current but one should call Tom to be sure.

Last Revised: 19 October 2021